Hot Twins Action: Killebrew vs. Mays

With this season’s Home Run Derby set to take place a week from today, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the television show that spawned the modern power display that takes place every year during All-Star Weekend.

Home Run Derby was a TV show that ran for just six months in 1960 where contestants would square off, mano-a-mano, for cash prizes. The modern-day Home Run Derby didn’t premier until 1985.

In the television series, the winner from each week would return the following week to face a new challenger. Mickey Mantle won the first three weeks before being dethroned by Harmon Killebrew who, in turn, defeated Rocky Colavito before losing to Ken Boyer.

Killebrew was invited back much later to face Willie Mays, who was in the midst of facing off against the former-Twin trio of Jim Lemon, Bob Allison and Killebrew. Here are Killebrew and Mays facing off on May 23, 1960 at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. Yes, Wrigley Field in Los Angeles:

If you haven’t seen this before, I won’t spoil the outcome for you, but you can watch the rest of the series here.



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