So Far, So Good

Yeah, I know it’s only two games into the season and bats often take a while to warm up especially in cold weather, but it’s encouraging that both Twins starters have thrown quality starts against a loaded Tigers lineup and actually lasted longer than their Tiger counterparts. That’s as good as this team can hope for, and like anything in sports, pitching can be contagious. History has shows us pitching staffs that vastly overachieved collectively merely by getting off to a hot start and continually building on that confidence.

The offense hasn’t done much in two games, but they will come around. That’s where the talent on this team is. If the pitching can somehow outperform expectations and at least be league average, this team should at least be fun to watch and provide an entertaining summer as we patiently wait for the new wave to step in and get comfortable at the major league level. And maybe yesterday’s crowd of 22,000 won’t be a bad omen of crowds to come.


Tags: Minnesota Twins

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