Hot Twins Action: Kent Hrbek on Letterman 10-28-87

A 27-year-old Kent Hrbek sits down with David Letterman a few days after the Twins took home the ’87 crown:

First of all, you can really appreciate how huge that dude was when you see him walking out wearing regular-people clothes…and yes, regular people used to wear sweaters like that, and cool dudes wore sweaters like that when appearing on national television. Bill Cosby was the man in 1987.

Other thoughts: does anyone else remember rumors of the ’87 Twins stealing signs?…$85,000 for winning the World Series; players today get more than six times that amount…the deafening atmosphere of the Dome really was a big deal at the time, and the national media made a huge deal about it…how can you not love Hrbek’s response to Letterman asking him if he got drunk after the game?


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