Even the Pope Gets Baseball Fever!

The Minnesota Twins might want to invite Pope Benedict XVI to visit the United States. Pope John Paul II visited the United States in September of 1987, and the Twins won the World Series. Coincidence? Okay, probably.

While many people think of the Pontiff (whichever one is in office) as a stuffy old guy, maybe there is a little bit of spring in his step that we don’t usually see. John Paul II was actually known for being quite athletic. In the video, the 67 year old Pope takes batting practice at a Grand Slam in Santa Cruz, CA. The Grand Slam rep is trying to sell “Battercize” as a winter workout – talk about offseason enthusiasm!  And, if you watch closely, you’ll see that the Pontiff finds his swing and hits quite a few solid shots!

Click here to see the John Paul II batting practice video on YouTube.

My favorite part of the video? When the Cardinal explains that the Pope plays in a softball league at the Vatican.

So…did John Paul II’s stateside hitting practice help the Twins win the the Fall Classic? Probably not. But, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Twins to hedge their bets…

Enjoy the amusing video, and get ready for REAL Twins baseball starting soon!

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