Spring Training Home of the Twins, Hammond Stadium, Ft Myers, FL.

Off-Season Update: Mark Your Calendars

The long, arduous off-season is almost over, baseball players are tweeting and telling reportings they are in the best shape of their lives and all across the country players and fans alike are heading down to Florida or Arizona to chase away the winter blues and get ready for another season of baseball.  Below you’ll find a number of key dates to mark on your calendars as we plow through the last few weeks of the off-season.

Twins Fest:
Twins Fest opens this coming weekend at the Metrodome, January 25-27. (5 days)

Spring Training Dates:
Pitchers and Catchers report: 12 February (23 days)
Position players report: 15 February (26 days)
First Spring Training Game: 25 February (36 days, versus Orioles, away)

 Regular Season Dates:
Opening Day: 01 April (71 days, 3pm, versus Tigers, home)
All-Star Game: 16 July (177 days, Citi Field, NY)
Last Game: 29 September (252 days, versus Indians, home)  


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