Howdy Twins Fans!

Normally, when a writer joins a site, said writer will write an introductory post. You know, giving the reader a feel for who they are and why they are there.

I guess I messed up. This was my intent, of course. But within a day of my joining the staff, Denard Span was traded to Washington. I’m not sure how many Twins fans would’ve enjoyed navigating the web over to Puckett’s Pond to read about the trade, only to find a featured article about a fella from Texas introducing himself. I agree, I wouldn’t either.

So I gave it a few days. But, then it was time for the annual Baseball Winter Meetings. And then the Ben Revere trade.

Things have slowed down and here I am, finally, able to say hello properly! I’m an optimistic (sometimes too optimistic) Twins fan and recently moved to Austin, TX after graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Journalism.

Okay, enough of that. You’ve probably read the words “Oklahoma” and “Texas” and wondering how in the world can a guy in that part of the country like the Twins? It’s okay- I’m asked all the time.

I have a twin brother. He’s in the picture below. We drove from Oklahoma City to Minneapolis for Opening Day at Target Field in 2010.

No, I don’t like the Twins because I’m a twin.

One name: Paul Molitor.

Here’s how this went down:

We (my twin brother) both loved baseball as children growing up in Tampa, FL in the early 1990’s. He eventually decided he was going to root for the Chicago Cubs, since they were the only team on TV most days. As two competitive children, I had to pick a different team to root for. I really just didn’t know.

My parents lived in Milwaukee in the mid-1980’s and were big on Molitor, as many people were. I remember my father telling me that Molitor was the type of guy I should watch. So I did. He won the World Series MVP in 1993, my first year to root for him. Along with my father’s guidance, I made a good choice, didn’t I?

Molitor signed with the Twins in 1996. I followed him. I didn’t get to watch the Twins much, but I did see them play in a spring training game in Fort Myers against the Cubs in 1997. Paul hit a double that day. Amazing to have the opportunity to see a player of his caliber.

I moved back home to Oklahoma, Paul retired, and I continued to follow the Twins. But my overall interest in the team wasn’t nearly as high as it is now. This was in the late 90’s, my baseball idol was gone, and the Twins flat out stunk. But I still watched them and wore my lone Twins jersey constantly.

Then 2002 happened. Hunter, Mientkiewicz, Jones, Pierzynski, Radke, Guzman and Guardado. An electrifying season that ended in a trip to the American League Championship Series. So I suppose the “bandwagon” part of me stopped then.

10 years later, I’m excited to be part of this community. To be part of Twins Territory, even outside of Minneapolis. To root for and put faith in a quality organization. And I’m proud to say I always will.

I’m also excited to be part of the staff here at Puckett’s Pond, and help deliver news, opinion and analysis as much as I can.

As always, Go Twins!





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