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Twins: Disappointing season ends today

The Minnesota Twins have clinched the last place spot in the American League.  With one game left of the 2012 regular season, they hope to enter the off-season by avoiding a sweep from the lackluster Toronto Blue Jays.  As 30% of Major League Baseball heads into the post-season, the Twins organization goes back to the drawing board, attempting to cut their losses with players that no longer fit the “Twins Way” of baseball and working to bring in the players that can move the Twins back into playoff contention.  Or at least a winning record.

As the 2012 season ends, it’s no secret that pitching will be a major priority for the Twins front office.  Will the team make trades, or will they expand their payroll?  The front office’s answer to that question may be the opposite of what many fans hope to see.  Additionally, the Twins have a backlog in the outfield and at first base.  The speculation of who stays, who goes, and how the deals are made changes several times a day, and the early off-season can only be more intriguing.

The one clear statement GM Terry Ryan has made is that Manager Ron Gardenhire is here in 2013.  However, both Ryan and Gardenhire have acknowledged the possibility of other coaching staff changes.  The changes to the coaching staff may be more intriguing to fans than the changes to the roster.

Twins fans find themselves looking forward to the off-season and all it’s promise of new beginnings.  And for the Twins fan, the off-season may just be more exciting than the disappointing 2012 season.

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