Puckett's Pond is Searching for New Writers

Consider yourself a fan of the Minnesota Twins? Think you could handle writing about the team and that you have what it takes to be a part of the Puckett’s Pond team? Now may be your chance to prove what you can do.

Puckett’s Pond is searching for a few new writers and this could be your opportunity to write about the team that you love with a growing audience of fans to reach. We don’t require any formal writing/blogging experience for our Staff Writer position (though it certainly doesn’t hurt) – just a solid understanding of the game, the team, and writing in general is all that is needed.

Having some passion for the game of baseball also helps.

We do ask each of our Staff Writers to contribute a minimum of 4-8 posts per month (roughly 1-2 per week). The role is currently an unpaid one, though there are other non-monetary benefits to joining the team and the FanSided Network.

Interested? Head over and complete FanSided’s application and someone will be in touch from there. Questions about the roles, the site, or anything else FanSided MLB-related? Feel free to send an email to me, Aaron Somers, the Editorial Director for FanSided MLB.

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