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Welcome Shawn Berg and Dallin Burgener!

The Twins got off to a rocky start with a loss to the Orioles, but Puckett’s Pond is beginning the season on a great note. Two new talented writers have joined the staff. So let’s all extend a warm welcome to Shawn Berg and Dallin Burgener.

You may already have read some of Shawn’s work. He posted his 2012 AL Central predictions earlier this week, and he has previously been no stranger to online baseball writing, having contributed to Twins Target and his own blog, On the Road with Shawn. Shawn hails from Fosston, Minnesota, where he developed a 27 year long Twins-rooting habit, but he has spent the last dozen years elsewhere. He currently lives in New Hampshire.

Dallin was born in Coon Rapids, but like Shawn (and most of our staff at Puckett’s Pond), he is very well-traveled. He spent most of his childhood in Idaho, and he lived in Slovakia for a couple of years (your guess is as good as mine whether Slovakia has a professional baseball league). Shawn currently lives with his wife in Idaho and attends Brigham Young University, Idaho’s Construction Management program en route to a career in architecture.

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