What If Joe Paterno Had Coached Baseball? or 18 Days Until Spring Training

Late last week, college football legend Joe Paterno was put to rest and resulted in the sadness of Penn State and College Football fans alike. Joe Paterno’s loyalty to Penn State has been a model of what we hope every coach would be. His sixty-one years coaching at Penn State, forty-five as head coach are the standard for loyalty and consistency in coaching. Even though Paterno is a football coach, I thought it would be fun to take a look at how his achievement would transition to a Major League Baseball team.-Only 19 MLB teams would’ve been in existence when Paterno started coaching.
-Joe Paterno would also easily be the most successful manager in MLB history.
-Joe Paterno would have managed 7,702 games.
-He would have won 5,776 games and lost 1,926.
-His playoff record would have been 266-91.
-He would have won two World Series.With only 18 days till Spring Training, Twins fans all over the country can start to get excited about erasing the memories of last years ninety-nine loss season. Be sure to check back often as the season starts to heat up in Florida.

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