Welcome, Christian Engels!

We are proud to welcome Christian Engels to our elite team of writers! Now that Christian is writing for Puckett’s Pond, he’s a real Christian Pond-er.

Sorry. I promise I will never make that pun again.

Christian is a Junior at the University of Iowa. Despite attending a university that most Minnesotans cheer against, his Minnesota sports loyalty is without question, as he is a committed Twins, Vikings, Wild, and Timberwolves fan. He grew up with those teams, making the trip up to the Twin Cities on Opening Day each year with his grandfather.

Unfortunately, Christian was just three months old when the Twins won their second World Series title in 1991. This is sad for two reasons: first, because it makes me feel old, and second, because it means he was cheated out of the greatest moment in team history. But this should prove to all of you that Christian is a committed fan – no bandwagoner would’ve grown up a Twins fan during the 1990s!

We look forward to many entertaining Twins-related posts from Christian in the near future.

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