Puddle Jumping: Harvesting Opinion on S2S

Over on Seedlings to Stars we started a series called Harvesting Opinion a few weeks ago. The purpose of the series is to field a question from a team-based writer (usually from a FanSided site) of each of the 30 MLB organizations. Nathaniel and myself then answer that question providing both of our perspectives. Once we’re done typing away and comparing notes, we create an article out of it.

Our goal is to tackle six organizations a week but as with most things our available time impacts how many we can actually get to each week. In the future we will also occasionally be bringing in the 3rd member of the S2S staff (James) to offer up his thoughts.

Anyway, we finally finished up the Twins edition and answered a question submitted by The Pond’s own Eric Pleiss. Take a moment to check it out and feel free to drop a comment, either here or on S2S.


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Tags: Minnesota Twins

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