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I spent the bulk of the day traveling and just recently returned from dinner at Fabulous Ferns. These are just two of the reasons why there will be no minor league recap or article – with substance – posted tonight by yours truly.

In lieu of that, before I collapse and fall asleep, I wanted to encourage everyone out there to support Puckett’s Pond by following us on Twitter and/or by becoming a fan of our Facebook page.

If you do both of those things, are really gung ho and want to follow each of our writers on Twitter in addition to the main account that I manage, here is the info:

  • Adam Krueger: @a_krueger
  • Eric Pleiss: @ERolfPleiss
  • Paul Pleiss: @BaseballPirate
  • Nate Gilmore: @NorthpawNate
  • If you’ve done all that and have some additional compulsion to address, you can also follow my personal account @thebaseballfish. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I focus my activity on twitter outside of auto-posting tweets of new content to the Puckett’s Pond account. I only have time for so much, and keeping up with one twitter account is more than enough for me these days. I keep my personal one around as a fallback. I suppose it’s in the event I ever leave The Pond or FanSided. I can’t really see either thing happening anytime in the near or distant future but one never knows what the future might hold.

Till tomorrow Twins/Puckett’s Pond fans. Till tomorrow …

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