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Pardon Me

You may have noticed that I have not published anything in the last two days. Further, it is entirely possible that I may not get anything published until Monday or so as my other “life responsibilities” have taken priority.

Tuesday we were having some work done on the house which cut into my work hours for SLHS. Then last night my 3-year old threw up after dinner. The fallout from that second event obviously took priority over my plans to write. Tonight my wife has to work an evening shift and she also has to work this weekend so my time will be further stretched as I try to manage everything on the home front.

Hopefully my 6-year old will avoid whatever illness his brother is currently dealing with or my weekend could get real interesting. Then again, these things have a way of sweeping through our household like wildfire …

I may be able to write and publish something each of the next 3 days, but I might not and I wanted to let everyone know why in advance.

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