Underdog Position Familiar for AL Central All-Division Team

It’s time to take a break from the Fransisco Liriano trade rumor hysteria.

A couple of weeks ago, the six All-Division teams were set. Last week the NL East had an nice, leisurely stroll through its competition, easily winning the right to represent “that other league” in the AL-NL divisional showdown next week.

This week however, we all have a very important task on our hands. The AL Central is a massive underdog in the voting to decide who will represent the American League. I suppose that comes with the territory and we’re all used to it, but that’s not a reason to for apathy.

Don’t be that apathetic individual. Stand up – well click on the link anyway – and let your voice be heard. The AL Central may not have the best individual pieces on the diamond, but it’s not just about the parts, it’s about the team. We all know that when it comes to our division’s roster, the sum is greater than its individual parts. That’s how we roll in the Midwest.

This is our chance to come together. This is our chance as Twins fans to unite with fans of the Royals, White Sox, Tigers and Indians for an important cause. If that makes you feel a little queasy, don’t worry, once the voting is over, we can go back to having a healthy dislike for our division rivals.

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