Twins Sign DPL All-Star Darfi Ortiz

Today the Minnesota Twins signed Darfi Ortiz, a 19-year old middle infielder, for $30,000. Ortiz was an All-Star in the Dominican Prospect League.

Beyond the above, there isn’t much out on the web about him yet. From reading the DPL press release Ortiz sounds like a speed first infielder with good plate discipline and above average defensive skills. If that is the profile he winds up falling into as a professional, then he certainly fits the Minnesota Twins mold.

As I read the DPL article the first name that popped into my head was David Eckstein. Apparently this is who I think of when I see the terms hard-nosed or scrappy connected to a “diminutive” middle infielder with speed. For the record I’m not a fan of comps and I am not in anyway saying Ortiz bears or will bear any resemblance to the player that David Eckstein was. It’s just where my mind wandered.

No matter how Darfi’s career a professional ballplayer unfolds, I think $30,000 is a pretty sound investment in the young man.

Here’s hoping he pans out and reaches the majors leagues down the road.

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