What an Odd Way to End a Game

Rangers @ Twins - Sunday, September 05, 2010

(via Fangraphs)

Depending on how you look at it, this was either one of the worst blown calls of the season, or Michael Young and Texas third-base coach Dave Anderson committed one of the worst collective brain farts of the season.  With the bases loaded and two outs, Vladimir Guerrero laced a single up the middle that brought the Rangers within a run.  Or it was headed up the middle, but Orlando Hudson knocked it down.  Michael Young apparently didn’t see Hudson field the ball, but Dave Anderson did, and threw up a very animated stop sign at third base.  It kind of looks like his fingertips might have touched Young’s fingertips as he reached third, but both Young and Anderson deny they made contact.  Third base umpire Alfonso Marquez definitely thought they made contact and called Young out on interference.  Manager Ron Washington argued the call vigorously, but to no avail.  The game was over, Texas lost.  While the play might not have technically fit the definition of interference outlined in the rule book, it does state that umpires are allowed use their own judgment on interference calls.  Which means that whether the play can technically be considered interference is irrelevant; if Marquez thinks interference includes any sort of physical contact between the third base coach and the runner, incidental or otherwise, then he’s right.  Whether umpires should be allowed to make such judgment calls is an argument for a different day.

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