22-14: Same As it Ever Was

Twins @ Yankees - Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a Twins’ starter pitches well enough to actually beat the Yankees, but ultimately his offense and his bullpen let him down. Last night, Scott Baker was robbed of a win by Matt Guerrier (and Gardy, who had the brilliant idea to load the bases for a reliever who had never managed to retire A-Rod at any point in his career). Today, it was poor Francisco Liriano, who surrendered only three runs on a bunch of singles over six innings. He struck out seven and didn’t walk anyone, which is very good considering the Yankees’ 0.72 BB/K ratio is the best in all of baseball. But, as per usual, any ball a Yankee put in play just happened to find a hole, with only Jorge Posada hitting anything particularly hard. For their part, the Twins’ offense couldn’t buy a hit. Andy Pettitte wasn’t particularly sharp, with a 2/3 BB/K ratio and a lot of line drives, but his defense continually robbed Twins’ batters of hits. Oh well, we’ll get ‘em next time, blah blah blah.

WPA winners:

1) Orlando Hudson: .053 O-Dawg was 1-3 with a walk, which was the best performance by a Twin in this game.

2) Michael Cuddyer: .006 Well, well, look who put up the second-best performance by a Twin in this game: Mr. Negative WPA himself.

3) Alexi Casilla: .000 Yeah, Alexi Casilla was one of the Twins’ best hitters, singling in his only plate appearance in the ninth. It was that kind of day.

And losers:

1) Delmon Young: -.123 This isn’t going to win me over, Delmon.

2) Joe Mauer: -.110 You know it was a bad day if Joe Mauer was one of the worst hitters on the team.

3) Nick Punto: -.059 Nick Punto is good at a lot of things. Unfortunately, hitting is not one of them.

Twins’ best pitcher:

Jose Mijares: .001 He didn’t strike anyone out, but Mijares was the only Twins’ pitcher to not give up any runs. Or hits, for that matter. Not bad, considering this is his first appearance since coming off the DL.

Worst pitcher:

Jesse Crain: -.052. It took Jesse Crain just 23 pitches to give up as many runs as Francisco Liriano did in 6 innings. He surrendered a two-run homer to Mark Teixeira that snuffed out any hopes for a Twinkie rally. Huh, I guess home runs are rally-killers after all.

Most important play of the game:

There weren’t any, I don’t care what WPA says. When you can only scratch out two hits against a mediocre lefty (sorry Yankee fans, but let’s face it, that’s what Pettitte is at this point in his career), you deserve to lose.

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