Ramos! 17-9

Man do I love games like these. Jump on them early, maybe let them comeback again, but have it basically sewn up by the 6th. It let me watch some hockey and any baseball game that will let me watch hockey is a good one.

Let’s get this out of the way: Wilson Ramos isn’t this good. He didn’t walk at all in the minors, and it’s unreasonable to think he’ll be anywhere close to this level of production once pitchers adjust to him. Still, he is a very good hitter and catcher and I’m going to enjoy the ride. I still think trading him for something would be the best course of action, but we can explore that at another time. For now, tonight’s game:

Best hitter: Michael Cuddyer (+.155)

Worst hitter: Jason Kubel (-.006)

Best pitcher: Scott Baker (+.088)

Worst pitcher: Alex Burnett (+.005)

Most important play: Cuddyer homer (+.147)

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