Week 3 VORP Leaderboard: Justin Morneau is the Greatest Player in the History of Everything

MLB: Twins vs Royals APR 25

Well, not really. But he is leading all of major league baseball in VORP, so at least for this one week, the Mountie is truly the MVP. Here’s a look at the good and the not-so-good:


1) Justin Morneau, 14.5. If the Mountie keeps this up, Derek Jeter might get the chance to rob him of the AL MVP.

2) Joe Mauer, 10.8. Man Muscles is only the 18th most-valuable player in baseball right now. What a slacker.

3) Michael Cuddyer, 6.2. Haters keep hatin’, but the VORP, WARP3, wOBA, wRC+, and ISO don’t lie: Michael Cuddyer is pretty good. I am purposely ignoring UZR and WPA because I only use stats that prove me right.


1) Francisco Liriano, 9.5. I have been waiting four years to say this: watching Francisco Liriano pitch makes me giddy.

2) Matt Guerrier, 5.8. The mayor quietly continues to be awesome.

3) Kevin Slowey, 5.6. Despite getting roughed up in Kansas City, Slowtime is sporting a shiny 3.42 ERA. Nevertheless, there are some reasons to be concerned: while his strikeout rate is pretty close to his career average, his walk rate is much higher than normal. He’s already walked more batters in just 23.7 innings than he did in all of April and May last year. It remains to be seen whether Slowey is just getting off to a slow start or if he’s suffering some lingering issues with his wrist.

And now the sucktastic:

1) Nick Blackburn, -4.0. No surprises here.

2) Jesse Crain, -1.5. The Crain wreck is back, with an ERA of 7.36 in just 7 relief appearances. ERA isn’t everything, especially in the teeny-tiny sample sizes for relief pitchers, but Jesse Crain is getting shelled.

3) Jason Kubel, -1.7. Ouch, Kubel Khan is slugging just .288. Let’s hope he’s just in the midst of an extended slump.

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