Rene Tosoni was on the Diamondbacks 25 man roster for awhile. It’s hilarious how much people on that site overrate him. [Seth Speaks]

One of the last two Nick Punto supporters on Earth drops out. [Nick's Twins Blog]

Why Joe Mauer isn’t untouchable. (He is by the way) [Twins Fix]

A great URL reflects on the All-Star game. [Fire Gardy]

An awesome post on the recent Yuni Betancourt trade, and other Dayton Moore stuff. Did you know Moore has a masters degree? Do they just put those in cereal boxes now? [Rany on the Royals]

Optimistic that the Twins will make a deadline deal. [Twins Geek]

A review of three Twins free agent signings. [Over the Baggy]

What is a fair return for Roy Halladay? [Beyond the Boxscore]

A sweet post showing the Twins most recent trade with each team [Twinkie Town]

Obligatory college hockey post: Checking in on the Moore brothers, who all went to Harvard, and have met with various hardships in their NHL careers. [From the Rink]

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