Since I get to leave town again over the weekend (seriously, I lead a charmed life), you the reader get to benefit with these links:

Is there silver lining in the Twins series loss? (K-Bro)

A party for Twins fans. Go. Go now. Well, wait until the correct time. (Oh it’s THOSE Girls)

Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball posts the fantastic video of Mark Wahlberg’s first pitch. I have a ginormous crush on her, and seriously how can you not? (Sooze, not Mark Wahlberg) (Babes Love Baseball)

Do the Twins have a mental block about the Yankees? (Seth Speaks)

Erin Andrews. Balls. Face.  I think that covers it. (Souvenir City)

What makes a good ballpark? AstroTurf, 3rd base seats that face centerfield, and a baggy. Science. (S&F)

Really, the Nats aren’t trading Dunn? (Driveline Mechanics)

The Rangers can apparently still afford Roy Halladay, even though they just defaulted on a loan. Nice. (MLB Daily Dish)

Old post, but good news for Twins fans, Rick Porcello only has one good pitch. (Cubs F/x)

Obligatory hockey post: I have been on the Corey Fienhage bandwagon for a year now, nice to see others joining me. (Goon)

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