I’ll be out of town all weekend, with no access to a computer or the internet, so rather than disappoint (all 10 of) my readers, I decided I’d link to some stuff that other people have written. People doing the work for me is a beautiful thing.

Ron Gardenhire is kind of dumb, but more relevant to this link, he is fed up with the youngsters [Twinkie Town]

It took her roughly 10 years (ok 3 days) but k-bro finally has written a post. Yay! [K-bro]

CRM previews some MMA fights. I have no idea who any of these people are. [Blood, Booze and Bruises]

A liveblog of the US Open. [Souvenir City]

A Bert Blyleven Bingo game [Star Tribune]

Old news, but Aaron Hicks is in Beloit finally [Seth Speaks]

An analysis of the mechanics of Twins first rounder Kyle Gibson [Driveline Mechanics]

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